5 Bridal Party Gifts from Wedding Chicks

5 Bridal Party Gifts from Wedding Chicks

If you are looking for some unique items to gift your bridal party, you have come to the right spot! Our Wedding Chicks Shop is filled with unique favors + unique designs that we have either created for you or paired with some really talented artists to bring to fruition. We are happy to share some of our favorite items with you ... we are sure you are going to love them too. 

1. Bride + Bridal Party Tote Bags

Popsicle Tote

These totes *wink wink* come in handy now that most stores no longer supply bags. Our tote bags are the perfect re-usable mementos from your bachelorette party weekend or wedding. We have more than a few designs to choose from. You are able to customize most designs with your color choice or text. These totes are also available in bulk pricing if you purchase a minimum of 20.

2. Cosmetic Pouch

What's sweeter than a little melon? A little cosmetic bag for your besties! Fill these suckers up with some thoughtful gifts like their favorite candy, maybe some jewelry for the big day, a face mask, and perhaps some wine wipes. As long as the items are smaller than 9″W x 5″H ... the possibilities are endless! We have gifted some of these to our own pals and trust us, they become an everyday staple in someones life. 

3. Tees & Tanks

- TOP SELLER ALERT-  Pictured above is our Dinosaur Bride T-Shirt. Ladies, and fellas have been loving this design done by BeeIsForBear, A dino sippin some champs ... this design is also available in a tank, and without a veil for your Dino Bridal Party. Be sure to take a look at all the tanks and tees we have to offer for you and your bridal party. 

4. Dish Towels

Have you been thinking of a unique way to ask your bridal party to be part of your big day? How about a meal with these super cute/custom dishtowels? They are sure to say yes with these re-usable towels. These dishtowels are a perfect little reminder to hang in the kitchen. You have to check out all the other designs we have in the shop to be used as a save the date, a wedding favor, or just as a sweet keepsake for you and your partner. If you purchase these towels in bulk each towel is reduced to $5.00. 

5. Favor Bags

If you are looking to gift your friends with something simple and easy we have the perfect little treat. Favor bags! These little bags are a great favor to share and stuff with some fun treats like candy, condoms, and maybe those cute little bottles of booze. What happens with these favor bags, stays in these favor bags. Heh.

8th Aug 2017

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